Economic Growth

A competitive, vibrant private sector reduces poverty, creates employment and increases access to important goods and services.

We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, governments and non-government groups to improve private sector competitiveness, enhance market and business performance and create conditions for pro-poor, sustainable growth. We strive to reform economic policy, improve economic governance, strengthen the business environment and promote trade. Our work with all stakeholders in the market system empowers households and communities to fully benefit from economic opportunities as entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers and employees.

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    Market Development

    Market systems development works with the private and public sectors to generate inclusive growth, enhancing the ways that the poor interact with growing markets to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty.

    We facilitate market growth by addressing underlying constraints and supporting disruptive innovations to reach scale and improve access for all. We strive for whole system change, harnessing the power of market forces to achieve sustainable impact at scale.

    We have pioneered complex market development programmes in agriculture, and we are applying this approach to new sectors, including construction, manufacturing, technical and vocational education and training and finance. We collaborate with our in-house Impact Investments team, alongside donors and private sector players, to position investment at the core of our approach to market development.

    Our expertise encompasses the whole lifecycle of market systems programming, including:

    • Project scoping and design
    • Implementing large, complex programmes
    • Monitoring and results management
    • Programme review and evaluations
    • Research and strategic advisory for corporations, donors and foundations
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    Agriculture and Food Security

    We collaborate with a wide range of international agribusiness, food and consumer product companies and retailers.

    Palladium has unique experience in developing and managing both large scale commercial agriculture enterprises and connecting existing farmers in developing countries to global markets by identifying and eliminating supply chain obstacles to achieve increased yields, quality, incomes, and food security.

    We use a multi-pronged, market-driven approach to agricultural development, including market linkages and deal making, post-harvest handling and storage improvements and strategic alliances with governments, private sector actors and organisations. We identify solutions for quality improvements at the source by enhancing warehousing, crop conditioning, extension services and sanitary systems, and we facilitate new or strengthened backward linkages between producers and buyers.

    Our agricultural value chain expertise includes fruits and vegetables, cereals, sugar, fodder, livestock, coffee, cocoa, nuts, pulses, oils, fish, integrated aquaculture, food additives and speciality/organic food. We also collaborate with a wide range of international agribusiness, food and consumer product companies and retailers.

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