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Progress through the Palladium Total Market Approach Framework
Learning and adapting to move health markets forward

What if the Ministry of Health, multi- and bilateral donors, pharmaceutical companies, commercial distributors, and public, private and NGO health service providers came together to discuss and work toward better health outcomes?

What if these different actors shared data and evidence and agreed on concrete and coordinated steps to improve the way they work in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, malaria or other health service leading to improved access and sustainability in those markets?

These are some of the principles common to the Total Market Approach (TMA) currently being engaged by donors, development partners and developing country governments in need of improved efficiency in delivering health products and services. In driving forward best practice, Palladium is pleased to launch its own Total Market Approach (TMA) framework that provides a pathway for achieving the promise of greater health equity and impact.

The promise of a Total Market Approach is that coordination and targeting of limited resources will improve health impact by effectively reaching all segments while allowing different stakeholders to meet their own increasingly shared interests of health impact, sustainability and profitability. At Palladium, we approach TMA as an ongoing process along a pathway driven by stakeholder engagement, private sector approaches, policy and advocacy work that is the heart of Palladium’s 50 year legacy.

This pathway, reflected in Palladium's TMA framework document, requires engagement and transparent dialogue of many different stakeholders, extensive data and evidence generation and sharing, improved capacity of governments for stewardship, coordinated market interventions, and ongoing iteration of all of the above. In achieving the promise of a total market approach, it is vital that different market actors come together and make strategic decisions that accelerate health impact while also meeting their needs to continue operating efficiently and on the market. For example in Mali, the Head of Training, Information and Communication Section and focal point for Reproductive Health and Pharmacovigilance, Dr. Daouda Makan Toure recognises the importance of TMA:

“The priorities outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, the ten-year Health and Social Development Plan 2014-2023, and the Health and Social Development Program 2014-2018 demonstrate the importance of increased coordination across all sectors; Total Market Approach is an important tool for meeting these objectives, and all of the sectors – public, NGOs, and private – must work together for greater effectiveness and efficacy.”

Palladium’s TMA process is being applied and continuously adapted as we learn more from our work in Mali, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, and Uganda. We’ve adapted our framework to reflect this learning over the past 18 months. Over the next few weeks we'll be releasing case studies of the progress achieved with governments and partners in Kenya, Mali and Zambia.

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