COVida Dashboard Development

Palladium International, LLC, on behalf of COVida, is seeking a subcontractor to development of a web-based performance monitoring dashboard for COVida. The dashboard will be a simple secure (encrypted) password protected and user-friendly web-based tool which presents aggregate performance data on COVida beneficiaries. The tool will be built on DHIS-2, preferrably hosted on a secure linux server. The vendor will be responsibe for setting up and hosting the test server during the development process; at the end of the project, the instance will be migrated to a production server hosted by the COVida project. The tool will provide country-level stakeholders with pertinent and timely information to track and report the progress in achieving results against targets set forth in the plan. At a minimum, the tool will have the following functionalities;

  • Dashboards: Presents summary status reports on select performance indicators using color coded figures, tables, and geographical maps (where applicable). Summaries should be available by CBO, district, and overall.
  • Reports: Generates select M&E reports in a chart/table format as per selected fields, such as quarter, indicator, geographical information etc. Reports should be available by CBO, district, and overall.
Additional Documents
Closing date:
31 January 2019