Environmental Management Services

This document is a Request for Proposals (RFP) detailing information sought from potential suppliers who will develop an environmental management system (EMS) and provide advice about environmental risks and impacts for the Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program, Cambodia.

This RFP is an invitation to you to provide detailed information about the 3i environmental management project which will enable Palladium to select a supplier capable of meeting program requirements.

Program summary
Investing in Infrastructure (3i) – Cambodia is a five year, nationwide, social investment program funded by the Australian Government and being implemented by Palladium. The program is designed to promote and catalyse business growth in the infrastructure sector of Cambodia. It will expand the delivery of key infrastructure services by partnering with the private sector to expand household and business access to utilities and other services. This will create new enterprise opportunities in rural towns and more remote parts of Cambodia, and will generate health and welfare benefits for Cambodians, including the poor.

Initial partnerships will be with businesses in the drinking water and electricity sectors where the potential is already proven.

3i will catalyse business investments in ways that incentivise them to expand service coverage as rapidly as possible, and to sustainably operate and maintain the systems to the highest standards. The program will achieve this through three models of partnership with businesses and other actors in chosen sectors:

  • Co-funding infrastructure in direct partnership with private operators
  • Facilitate co-investment with private equity and/or social impact funds
  • Catalytic Interventions to address infrastructure market constraints.

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Closing date:
29 November 2015