IT System "PIMS" Maintenance and Development

Palladium has developed a custom application “Positive Impact Measurement System (PIMS),” a web-based Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) MIS platform for data management, knowledge sharing, analysis, grants management and learning. It is intended to provide an effective and easy-to-use platform for projects to collect and aggregate their data as required by clients, while empowering project decision makers with advanced analytical capabilities.  PIMS creates a shared understanding of progress towards targets and deliverables and facilitates coordination and strategic planning across the project. All project team members and partners have access to the system, with the ability to enter/upload collected data and/or review system information. In addition to data management and analysis, the platform provides a suite of features, such as geographic mapping and indicator reporting dashboards—all of which enhance project organization and transparency and support results-based decision making.

Scope of Work
The vision for PIMS is for every Palladium project to use the system as a central tool to effectively and consistently manage projects. The system currently needs additional development and enhancements as well as on-going maintenances to fix bugs and identified issues.

United States
Closing date:
25 January 2019