Industry Placements for Australia Awards-Africa in 2019

Palladium seeks to procure an organisation or individual to manage industry-relevant internships and place up to 10 Master’s scholars studying in Australia under Australia Awards in 2019. The subcontractor must be based in Australia. Although the primary target for the internships will be scholars in the second year of study in Australia, all scholars on Australia Awards from Africa will be eligible.

The sub-contract will last for one calendar year (2019), with the option to extend it for another year on the agreement of the subcontractor and Palladium. The subcontractor will manage no more than ten industry placements in cooperation with Palladium. The placements will not be remunerated and must be in Australia.

The industry placement must take place in the State in which the scholar is studying, and should be with an organisation located close to each individual scholar’s Australian home address.

For any questions, or to submit your quote, please email Anthea Edmunds at

Closing date:
1 February 2019