Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certification Boot Camp
  • About

    Learn from the people who wrote the books - not the people who read the books!

    The Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certification Programme is the most comprehensive, extensive and authentic representation of the Balanced Scorecard strategy framework created by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and myself. It is the only training and certification programme that we endorse.

    Strategy Execution goes beyond the original Balanced Scorecard

    Since the creation of the seminal Balanced Scorecard framework, Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton, working with Palladium, have developed the 6-stage Execution Premium Process™ (XPP™), a framework that supports thousands of organisations around the globe.

    To support the adoption of the XPP™ framework by business and industry, government and non-profit organisations, Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton have personally designed the Palladium training curriculum and the professional Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certification Programme. Over 4000 strategy management professionals have enrolled in the programme so far and the community is growing rapidly every day.

  • Agenda

    Day One

    • Introduction: Positive Impact and the XPP
    • Leadership for Strategy Execution
    • Stage 1: Develop the Strategy
    • Stage 2: Translate the Strategy

    Day Two

    • Stage 2: Translate the Strategy (cont’d)
    • Execution
    • Stage 5: Monitor & Learn
    • Stage 3: Align the Organization

    Day Three

    • Stage 3: Align the Organization (cont’d)
    • Stage 4: Plan Operations

    Day Four

    • Risk Management
    • Stage 6: Test & Adapt
    • Office of Strategy Management
    • Conclusion and certification information

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3 Mar - 6 Mar
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM