Developing and executing strategies that are both sustainable and profitable.

We help companies, governments, and coalitions to design, execute and govern their strategies using a disciplined approach that creates measureable, lasting impact.

No organisation or government exists in isolation. Each one operates in an “ecosystem” – a complex network of people, cultures, processes, and (sometimes competing) interests – where alignment around a shared strategy can result in transformative value for the benefit of all. We combine the rigour of commercial strategy execution with our deep understanding of development fundamentals to create true sustainability and enduring, inclusive growth.

From inclusive supply chains to creating quality jobs, our challenge is to see opportunity in this broader systems context, beyond zero-sum economics and short-term thinking. We enable our clients to achieve their vision by working hand-in-hand to solve strategic challenges and build capabilities for the future. We create clarity of purpose, alignment of stakeholders, and accountability for everyone involved.

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    Inclusive Growth

    Inclusive businesses go beyond traditional corporate social responsibility initiatives to create profoundly different ways of achieving core commercial objectives and generate positive impact at scale.

    We have a unique approach to helping companies build on their roles as buyers, suppliers and employers to structure inclusive and sustainable business strategies. These strategies benefit poor and marginalized populations, which spurs innovation, new markets, and increased profitability.

    Our approach is based on four inclusive growth principles, outlined in our seminal HBR article:

    • Be Bold (Ambitious goals need ambitious projects)
    • Collaborate (Partnership drives transformation)
    • Unlock Capital (Financial viability is key)
    • Align and Govern (Shared metrics ensure accountability and success)

    Read our HBR Article, Inclusive Growth: Profitable Strategies for Tackling Poverty and Inequality.

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    Execution Premium Process

    Our strategy execution practice builds on the thought leadership legacy of Drs Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the world’s leading authorities on strategic performance management and measurement and creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, and the Execution Premium Process™. We combine this foundation with a new generation of thought leaders working at the forefront of the Impact Economy.

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    Whole of Government Approach

    Our Whole of Government Approach is a unique and comprehensive framework that helps Governments execute their long term Vision and Goals. The result is a comprehensive management process that integrates government entities, processes, people and tools to deliver superior value for a country and its citizens.

CASE STUDY: Coffee Bean Supply Chain, Nicaragua
CASE STUDY: Citizen Services, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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